By Tonia Ciancanelli
Managing Editor

Even with program discontinuance not officially on the agenda, the topic seemed to dominate the Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday, March 12 with the audience booing and chanting for the removal of Eloy Oakley from his LBCC presidential position.

Board President Roberto Uranga interrupted the meeting several times asking the protesting audience to be quiet and to respect the Board and the meeting.

The special meeting was called for the Board to vote and approve spending about $138,000 on an “international convention and exhibit” in Dubai and a cosmetology event in Bologna, Italy. The Board voted unanimously in favor of the proposed conferences.

Vice President Lou Anne Bynum clarified, “No trustees are going on this trip. No trustees have been asked to go on this trip.”

The conventions are intended for small businesses that will benefit from the trip by gaining international trade development. As members of the Small Business Administration, LBCC, among others nationwide, applied for the State Trade and Export Promotion (S.T.E.P.) grant, which must be spent on export development.

Sporting a bull’s-eye target that read “targeted for elimination,” student trustee Jason Troia pointed out that more than 25 percent of the small businesses attending the trip are from Northern California, in an attempt to debunk the notion that the trip is supporting local small business growth.

The majority of the meeting was designated to repeating reports already given, including Promise Pathways statistics, which was first presented to the 29 state senators during their visit on Flex Day March 6, and the administrative restructuring outline that was presented at a forum on March 1.

The proposed restructuring will take effect July 1.

In his president report, Oakley announced the American Association of Community Colleges named LBCC a national finalist for the 2013 excellence in leadership award, which will be presented April 23 in San Francisco.

Before the meeting, the Board voted in closed session to suspend employee ID number 0001319 for 10 days without pay.

The next Board meeting will be Tuesday, March 26 at 5 p.m. in T1100 at the LAC.