Jerick Leblanc
Jerick Leblanc

By Jerick Leblanc/Staff Writer/@jerickjake

If you open up Google search, “How can I move to Canada?” is a popular hashtag after Tuesday’s showing wins for GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump.
Now is the time for LBCC students and employees to make sure they are registered to vote in the June 7 California primary. People 18 and older may register by the deadline at 11:59:59 p.m. on May 23, by mail or online at
Trump continues to extend his lead by winning 7 out of the 11 state primaries, an inevitable sign of him potentially getting the Republican nomination. Something the Republican Party does not want.
His nomination is a horrifying prospect and it will be an international embarrassment. He is a hate-monger, anti-women, border-building bigot as he continuously spews angry words of division toward the American people. These are documented and recorded facts that are not fabricated by the media. Trump seems to relish on this type of rhetoric. What’s surprising is the type of followers who surface as a result of his actions. Who would have thought that in 2016, the KKK would be more visible now with their support of him?
He has been arousing such hate from mostly white, lower-middle class people who have felt their white-privilege being threatened. The fact that Trump feeds off that segment of the population has been mocked by the media as a “Hitler-like” caricature. Some say he speaks his mind and that he cannot be bought. But is this presidential? What ever happened to being civilized and acting like an adult? Shouldn’t a potential president of the U.S. be thinking about ALL the residents here? A president should embody the best qualities of America and not the worst.
By no means am I suggesting a partisan favorite. What I am merely stating is the fact that during trying times in which our country is showing such a division, that our vote is more important than ever. We need to be heard as residents of our country and we need to speak up. The June 7 California primary is important and may help decide who will lead our country. Ask yourself, “Do you really want Trump to have the keys to the nuclear code?”