Art By Carlos Ochoa/Staff Writer/@carlosochoalbcc
Art By Carlos Ochoa/Staff Writer/@carlosochoalbcc

In the beginning of the Spring 2016 semester, a student was assaulted and her cell phone stolen. It happened after the victim’s night class, police said.
The victim was here for an education, not a theft and a punch in the face. She was so traumatized she dropped out of her classes and quit her job. She should have had and escort to her transportation. Someone should have insisted on making sure she got to her ride safely.
Public Safety X Building is located by Veterans Stadium on Lew Davis Drive across from the T Building. On a visit to the building late Tuesday morning, March 1, no one was there, no courtesy bell was available and no note informed visitors when the police would be back.
A crime could have been committed on campus that needed to be reported. There was only a rotating rack with a slew of brochures and paperwork, which educates students on crime prevention, personal security and sexual assault to name a few.
Reading a paper to plan and prepare for the worst-case scenario doesn’t compare to facing an actual event. For example, women walking alone are advised to keep keys interlaced between fingers to possibly take down someone with a more powerful weapon like a gun, mace or knife. Fight or flight. It does not have to be this way on a college campus.
Five police cars were parked on campus with no officers inside or nearby on a late Tuesday morning. This was during daylight. Officers should be present.
A plan is in place to install security cameras outside campus buildings and restrooms and in 2016 it is finally happening.
According to the LBCC website the PCC has four blue emergency light kiosks. Eleven are scattered around campus on the LAC and when the red button is pressed the response time is immediate, according to a dispatcher at the Public Safety X Building. The alert is also sent to the nearest police station.
No emergency kiosk exists by the K Building. The assault victim from earlier this semester had no access to an alert button for help.
Students may not be aware of the emergency blue lights and what they do or the know the locations of the emergency kiosks.
We are here for our education. We trust that while on campus we will be safe.