LBCC national championship player returned to train Vikings.

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By Juan Galvez/Sports Editor/@jc_images1
Photo By Joshua Miller/Co-Editor in Chief/@joshua_miller8

Championship mind-set continues for coach Neo Aoga after the LBCC football ended the Fall season with a second-place conference finish and a 20-year celebration of his own national championship as the quarterback with the Vikings in 1995.
“To be successful in the sport, the biggest thing you need to do is take care of school first,” assistant head coach Neo Aoga said as “You have to take care of classroom work because if you’re good on the field that will take care of itself.”
With an overall record of 10-2, Aoga can relate many of his experiences coaching to his playing days.
Aoga recalled a memorable moment from his playing days when the Vikings were down, 45-17, to Palomar with only 11 minutes left in the game. The fight and will to win pushed the team forward and with a huge turn-around, LBCC won, 49-45.
Aoga, who just completed his 15th year as a Viking assistant coach, also said he feels football has changed from when he played, from a simple offense then to now that coaching, involves more passes and defiantly more athleticism.
The successful 2015 season included a No. 1 national ranking. With the experience from playing on the field to now coaching, Aoga and the rest of the Vikings hope they can use all those tools to build a successful team for the seasons to come.
Aoga is known to many as possibly the best football player ever at LBCC, and to him, it’s great to get all the love and support from people, but said many great players have stepped on the field for LBCC.
Starting next Fall, Aoga’s son will be joining the LBCC Vikings and trying to earn his own starting spot on a team. Many people thought that would be football, but the son will play volleyball. Since his son was young, Aoga would bring him along to the football practices around the same time of volleyball practice and ever since then, volleyball was the son’s choice.