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Story and Photos By Hayley Hart/Online Editor/@hayleylhart

The official opening of the GG Building on Wednesday, Feb. 17, marks a step to further support for students at the PCC.
Justin Dimas, 18, a nursing major, said, “It’s a really nice building. It looks futuristic.”
The $23.4 million building, also called the student services center at the ceremony, contains Financial Aid, Counseling, CalWorks, Disabled Students Program and Services among other services.
The Viking Express, which is similar to a small corner market and the Cafeteria with menu options of salads to Mexican food are also inside the building. At the center of the two-story building is a courtyard with seating and a water station consisting of a water fountain and bottle fill-up area.
Outside the building, a covered patio includes several picnic tables and a barbecue area.
Bryant Aras, 19, an undecided major who is considering law enforcement or culinary arts, said, “It’s really beautiful looking. It is an attractive building. I really like windows.” Aras said of the outdoor patio, “It’s a comfortable place to eat.”
At the start of the ceremony, Vice President of Administrative Services, Ann-Marie Gabel, said she has been at LBCC for eight and a half years and “this is my 11th ribbon cutting event.”
Board of Trustees President Doug Otto said, “We will continue to meet the demands of our students.”
Otto said, “Long Beach has been supporting students for 90 years” and he hopes the city will support student for another 90 years.
LBCC’s President Eloy Oakley said the building is “the most essential building for student success.”
Oakley said, “Our mission is to educate students. The PCC is the heart of that mission. We’re the growth. We’re the future of Long Beach. The PCC is the oasis of opportunity in the heart of Long Beach.”
Otto, Oakley, Vice President of Student Support Services Greg Peterson and college spokesperson John Pope gave thanks to the construction team, architect team, and the LBCC facilities team led by Gabel. Oakley gave a special thanks to the voters who passed the bond measures in 2002 and 2008, which has allowed for the construction at the college.
Oakley said when people ask him if he is greedy to ask for another bond measure to support further growth for the college, he responds, “I will fight for every penny to ensure student success and their future.”