By Ramon Lontok
Staff Writer

The LBCC fashion department will host the California Community College Fashion Symposium on April 27, a fashion show where student designers from California community colleges can showcase their collection to audiences and prospective buyers.

The event is funded by a state collaborative grant and will be held at the California Market Center in Downtown Los Angeles. Tickets for the event cost $15, which includes lunch and the entrance fee, and can be purchased online at

Andre Valle, 22, a communications and fashion major, said, “The show is going to be big and will have judges from LBCC and outside of the school.” Valle also said the school is trying to get at least one celebrity judge for the show.

Pamela Knights, the fashion program director at LBCC who is a producer for the event, said the show, which will be hosted by LBCC for the second time and will be its 38th fashion show overall, is set to have 13 fashion industry professionals as judges, such as Marie Gray of St. John Knits and John Arguelles, a media director for Lloyd Klein Couture.

Under the direction of Christi Kolisnyk, a part time sewing teacher at LBCC, the show will feature a collective total of 110 garments by 50 student designers from different community colleges, according to Knights. Garments for the event will be chosen by faculty members from 10 community colleges, who will make their decision on March 22 at LBCC based on a layout of 200 photographs of different clothing

“For our media kit, we use our students’ work since we haven’t received any from the other community colleges,” Knights said.

There will be four fashion categories to be shown at the event, including contemporary sportswear, evening wear, after 5 p.m. cocktail and club wear, and fantasy design and cosplay, which is short for “costume play.”

Students had only five weeks since the beginning of the semester to finish their designs and that the show will not feature any type of men’s wear.

The show is currently in its pre-production stages, as they are still auditioning for models and planning the stage and music design. Knights said the production team hires as many professional models for the show and will fill the rest of the spots with student models.

The show will have a Middle-Eastern theme and will use 3D mapping to project images onto the stage, which will help set the mood for the event.

“We have not gone a year without producing a show,” Knights said. “The students are super excited and it is such a great opportunity for them.”