By Luis Pinzon / Contributing Writer

Kim Yoon, a student assistant working at the international admissions office, gave many details today on how the International Student Program helps international students with filling out application forms, obtaining scholarships and obtaining an I20 or F1 Visa. (39)

Yoon said, “When they (international students) apply, it is different than regular students.” International students must have attended high school outside the country to be considered for the program. Attending college abroad is not an easy task.  The student assistant said it was the program’s goal to facilitate the student’s journey.

The program helps students study legally in the country. “We offer help with the I20 form and that’s the document that gets you the F1 visa,” said Yoon. Without the visa, the student would be subject to deportation and most importantly would not be able to take college courses.

Yoon also said, “Students after their first semester are eligible to apply for a scholarship that the program helps with.”