By Hayley Hart

Staff Writer

Twitter: Hayleylhart

In the 25th year of the event, the LBCC horticulture club came together at the Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach to deliver the annual turkey basket donations on Tuesday, Nov. 24.

The club assembles turkey baskets to donate them to the Hospital in Long Beach for families who need help during the thanksgiving holiday.

Julia Greenwald, a social worker at Miller Children’s Hospital, is grateful for the help of LBCC’s horticulture department. Greenwald said the club began making the turkey basket donations after the son of Greenwald’s friend was injured.

The son Danny, who Greenwald requested the family’s last name not be used, was cared for at Long Beach Memorial Hospital which is attached to the Miller Children’s Hospital.

After Danny recovered, his mother Jean wanted to do something nice for others at the hospital, Greenwald said. Jean was a horticulture student and was a member of the horticulture club at LBCC and decided to create the turkey baskets with the club for the hospital.

The club uses the money earned from the plant sale they host every spring to fund the purchasing of the items.

Greenwald said the children in some of the families who receive the baskets get ecstatic when they learn about the thanksgiving feast they will enjoy.

The baskets include a turkey, a turkey roasting pan, dry mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce among other items.

Greenwald said parents, “can tell the kids ‘yes we are going to have turkey and yes we are going to have cranberry and yes we are going to do all of those things’ and it’s because of the horticulture club.”

According to Greenwald, the club is estimated to have donated 600 baskets for families at the hospital.

Brian Hastie, the vocational instruction technician in the horticulture department, was asked by Greenwald if he and the club will continue to donate baskets and said, “As long as we are around, yes, we can keep doing it. We just have to keep making plants. This is all from plant sales. This is 300 or so max one gallon plant sales that makes this happen so all we’ve got to do is keep making plants.”