By Omar Reyes
Staff Writer
Twitter: @salar0895

Skeletons, delicious food, spider-webs and students socializing were prominent during the Black Student Union mixer in the Student Union in Building EE on Thursday, Oct.29 at PCC.

A mixer at LAC was presented in the multipurpose room in Building T on Wednesday, Oct. 28.

The mixer at PCC started at 1 p.m. and ended at 2 p.m. while the LAC started at 11 a.m. and ended around 1:30 p.m.

The mixers were presented by the Black Student Union with collaboration with DAAP (Developing Afro-American Professionals) as an effort to promote the organization as well as offer students free food and a place to socialize.

“It’s a big event. The Black Student Union is always friendly and welcoming even if you’re not part of the club or aren’t Black. You’ll still be welcomed just the same. It shows that there is actually community for the students themselves who can have a place to hang out, eat and socialize with other students,” said Albert Forales, 24, an English major.

To appeal to students, the mixer featured a Halloween theme complete with fake bats, spiders and skeletons. In addition, participants also were given free raffle tickets for a chance to win prizes.

Jill Collins, president of the Black Student Union, said around 45-50 people attended one of the mixers or both.

David Goto, a librarian at the PCC, was pleased with the event. “I thought that the mixer was a great idea. The food and hospitality was awesome. It must have taken considerable planning to have everything in place. Seeing our students gather together as a community and socialize with one another was the best thing about the mixer.”

Among the members of the Black Student Union to help with the event was Kenneth Jones, vice president. Jones said that the Black Student Union club is active in campus, but was disbanded for some time. Recently, the Black Student Union was resurrected and the mixer was sponsored to promote the club.

Jones said, “We’re trying to empower and encourage our students and reach out to them to better themselves and the community and our college. The mixer lets everyone know what BSU stands for, what we promote and what we’re here to do.”
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