By Jon Peacock

Co-editor in chief

Twitter: @jonjpeacock9

Stretching and relaxation isn’t as easy as one might think. However, instructor Connie Grantham keeps her students positive throughout the hour and 30 minute class.

The course teaches various stretching and strengthening activities.
Grantham has been teaching at LBCC for 21 years, but has been teaching aerobics since she was 17.

Grantham is also a chiropractor.

Kierra Colone, 21, a sociology major, said, “She helped me lose 35 pounds after my pregnancy.”

During the class, Grantham blasts current hit music and occasionally dances along to the beat.

“Students think we are going to lie on a mat for an hour, but that is not the case,” she said.

The teacher and chiropractor said the class helps “strengthen the muscles and decreases muscle imbalance that everyone develops.”

Physical education classes are required for students planning to graduate or transfer to a university.

More information is available by visiting the Kinesiology Department at the PCC in Building CC or the LAC in Q101, or by calling (562) 938-3934 for the PCC or (562) 938-4378 for the LAC.