By Joshua Miller

Photo Editor

Twitter: @joshua_miller8


The LBCC Board of Trustees on Tuesday, Oct. 27, approved a survey to measure voter support for a potential local bond measure in June or November 2016 that could result in millions of dollars for more construction and renovation.
LBCC Area 1 Trustee Jeff Kellogg expressed his support for the survey company FM3, saying, “It’s a very structured process. This firm in the past has been very successful. As far as the selection of this firm, I am very pleased. They have, as I have mentioned, a very high success rate.”
The survey research company plans to connect with potential voters through a survey over the phone to determine the measure of support for the educational facilities bond.
Vice President of Administrative Services Ann-Marie Gabel said the amount of the potential bond has yet to be determined, saying that employees will determine how the money will be spent.
Meanwhile, if a state bond measure is approved in 2016, it would grant $9 billion for California and $2 billion would be allocated for Community College facilities. Also $500 million would go to career technical education.
Also during the meeting, the Board heard concerns from LBCC employees fearing harassment from students and their concern for the lack of protection “at a place of last resort,” as said by one teacher.
At one point in the meeting, teachers voiced their excitement over the student success in math and counseling. Several math teachers told of the newly implemented online math computer program, ALEKS, which has greatly improved student test scores, teacher Kevin Ryan said.
Math teacher Richard Weber said math teachers have been so excited with the improved scores that teachers have been skipping around the V Building halls.
Area 4 Trustee Doug Otto call the improvement “fabulous.”