By Glen StarksStaff writerTwitter: @gstarksviking15

Effie Brown, the indie film producer and Sundance film festival producer of “Real Women Have Curves” who caused uproar in Hollywood over diversity, conducted a live interview with the LBCC Visual and Media Arts department Wednesday, Oct. 21.

Brown is an award-winning Hollywood producer and a graduate of Loyola Marymount’s film production and theater department and has been producing films for over 20 years.

Brown said she hopes a dialogue can occur about “Inclusion,” which she feels is a more appropriate word to characterize the lack of opportunities minorities and women get in producing films.

Brown said, “I believe it is time for black superhero movies, we need our own superheroes.”

She also said she is concerned about her image and the perception of being overly aggressive.

She said hopes things will become better in the movie industry because of the “Project Greenlight” show.

When asked by an LBCC student about the prospects of becoming a black actor in Hollywood, Brown said, “You have to be on point to make it in the business if you don’t look like the dominant culture.”