By Omar Reyes / Staff Writer / Twitter: @salar0895

Although LBCC has many sports involving a sports ball, players generally aren’t allowed to hit their opponents with them. One exception, however, was the dodgeball tournament played Wednesday evening, Oct. 14, in the Small Gym.

The winner of the tournament on the women’s side was Pink Wolves with TNT Dinamite coming in second. The winner on the men’s side was Soccer Dice Sexy with Athena Flying Warriors placing second.

“It’s a pretty exciting event and one that I look forward to the most because a lot of clubs participate,” said Matthew Vigil, 24, a communications major. “The whole night has a lot of energy and a night of fun and entertainment.”

Vigil is a member of the Tong men’s social-service club and also served as a referee for the tournament.

The tournament, organized by Intramural and Recreational Sports, is an ASB-sponsored activity. Students who participated were required to show their identification and be part of an on-campus club.

Sign-ups for the tournament began at 5:45 p.m. with the games starting at 6:30 p.m. and ending at 10 p.m.

Several LBCC clubs and organizations competed in the tournament including women’s social-service clubs PNK and TNT, men’s soccer, men’s social-service clubs Tong and Thor and the American Criminal Justice Association.

When the tournament started, a women’s match was on one side of the gym facing north and a men’s match was on the opposite side of the court facing south. The teams had five players each.

Student activity adviser Derek Oriee said, “There was a lot of energy. I brought in extra staffing for this tournament and they helped out a lot.”

On describing the overall experience of the tournament, Oriee said, “It’s all about comradery and having the opportunity to get involved with on-campus activities.”

Fellow students and friends of the competitors gathered around the tournament to cheer and support their classmates, while making sure not to cross the red line marked below them that outlined the court.

One of the competitors in the game, Sue Jimenez, 22, a biology major, participated to help her club, PNK, win.

Jimenez said, “I think as college students we stop maintaining activity so this keeps us active. This is a way for us to still stay athletic and healthy, so I do think it’s very productive.”

More information about upcoming intramural events may be obtained by contacting Oriee at (562) 938-3088 or