By Irina Nizovtseva / Staff Writer
Twitter: @irina_lbcc

The Paris Summer study abroad program offered 120 students unforgettable experiences and opportunities to learn French while visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world, said Marie-Laure Hinton, a foreign language professor.

In addition to LBCC students, students from Los Angeles City College, East Los Angeles College, City College of San Francisco and San Diego and San Jose State attended the classes in Paris.

After a 5-year break from the program, LBCC was able to relaunch the pilot program and offer students the opportunity to visit Paris for 30 days, learn the language, make new friends and create memories.
The program fee was $4,250, excluding airfare and based on double-occupancy.

Hinton, born and raised in France, sponsor of the French Club and the recipient of prestigious awards and scholarships, as well as member of the National French Honor Society, said she was thrilled how the Paris program turned out.

“The program was excellent,” she said. “The students would go to school in the mornings. In the afternoon, we would visit museums and on the weekends we would have excursions, visiting places like, Loire Valley Castles, Monet’s house in Giverny, the city of Rouen, World War I museum where we were on Bastille Day. The students were able to see fireworks coming from the Eiffel Tower.”

Students attended classes at the Institut Catholique de Paris, a private French university in the heart of Paris and near the dorms.

A placement test determined which course was most appropriate for the students.
Options for academic credit were available depending on the units taken and the institution granting credit.
Dorm accommodations in Saint-Germain-des-Prés or the Latin Quarter, an area of Paris, were provided for students.

“Students could not have stayed in a more beautiful location,” Hinton said. “They were right next to Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Sorbonne and the Luxembourg Gardens.” Each dorm was equipped with a comfortable public area, lounge, TV room, students’ kitchen and library.

Elizabeth Truxtos, 20, a baking and pastry arts major, said, “Unfortunately I was not able to go this Summer to Paris due to my schedule, but I definitely want to in the future. Paris is the capital for chefs, so it would be an amazing opportunity for my career.”

“Unfortunately the program will not be taking place next Summer, but I hope this is just a temporary break and the program will resume,” Hinton, who also teaches Spanish, said.

For more information regarding the program, students may visit or or contact Hinton at (562) 938-4966, visit LAC M212 or email