John Meyer “He was always checking up on us”
John Meyer
“He was always
checking up on us”

By Will Ranos / Co-Editor in Chief
Twitter: @Touchstone_Will

John Meyer, a 27-year LBCC employee, most recently the parking services coordinator, has died, LBCC President Eloy Oakley announced Monday, Oct. 5.

Meyer is survived by his wife Tracy and three sons, ages 9, 17 and 19.

The cause of Meyer’s death has not been disclosed.

Luis Esquivel, 22, a security aid and parking enforcement officer, said, “He was like a father figure for us. He tried to teach us. He was always checking up on us, making sure we were hydrated and eating. He introduced us to these Del Taco cheesecake bites that he couldn’t go a shift without.”

Samuel King, 19, another security aide and parking enforcement officer, said, “He had an impact on my professional life. He taught me a lot. He strived to have the program succeed and made sure we were viewed in the public.”

Esquivel said, “He stood firmly to his beliefs. He had an upfront approach.”

Meyer began his career at LBCC in January 1988 as a College Safety officer before becoming a college police officer in 1999. Meyer left the college in 2001, but returned in 2004 as a parking services technician and was made the parking services coordinator in 2007.

As the coordinator, Meyer’s duties included running the office, serving as the representative for the agency and handling contracts along with many other duties.

Funeral plans have yet to be announced by the family.