By Quiaira Terrell-White / Staff Writer
Twitter: @quiairablanco

The ASB Cabinet met on the LAC on Friday, Oct. 2, to discuss changes being made to the designated smoking areas, an increase in the Viking newspaper budget and a budget transfer for the Beverly O’Neil Student Leadership Conference.

Alicia Kruizenga, interim dean of Student Affairs, attended the meeting as gallery speaker to discuss student concerns over the smoking areas. Student concerns included the lack of covering for smoking areas for rainy days, the small number of smoking sections and the lack of consistent seating.

“We will be providing benches for the smoking sections to make them more consistent,” Kruizenga said.
Danielle Johnson, a LAC English major, wants to eliminate smoking sections on campus. “I walk the long way to get where I’m going if I have to walk by where students smoke. If you want to smell like an ashtray, good for you, but I don’t.”

Kruizenga advises students and employees who want to get rid of smoking sections or who want to defend them to attend Cabinet meetings.

The newspaper budget was an action item on the agenda as the staff and advisers asked for a budget increase for $1,000. The request for increase is needed to cover shortfalls in the Viking budget to cover expenses such as the annual Journalism Association of Community Colleges conference, the rising costs of print materials and to make up for a decrease in budget over the years.

In exchange for the increase, Viking adviser Patrick McKean offered the ASB discounted advertising in the newspaper as well as promotion of ASB events.

The motion to approve the budget increase was postponed for Oct. 9 to await a formal request for budget increase from McKean.

“I don’t feel comfortable voting without a formal request,” said LAC Student Trustee Andrew Lomeli. “That would really help us put in perspective what the money is being used for.”
The Cabinet meets every Friday at 8 a.m. alternating between campuses, with the Oct. 9 meeting at the PCC in LL102.