By Glen Starks / Staff Writer

Twitter: @gstarksviking15

HeadsUpAmerica.Us, the Obama administrations initiative modeled after the Long Beach College Promise to coordinate with local, state and federal governments to promote the first two years of Community College free for all Americans,

The three students from the school’s Presidents Ambassador program, Anthony Rasca, 22 , a biochemistry major, Kelly Zellner, 20, a psychology major, and Brian Ortiz, 24, a computer engineering major, participated in the  public service announcement.

Rasca said, “I believe the lasting impact of the program will be a multitude of people will be able to come back and pursue a college education without worrying about the financial aspects of it.”

Rasca, who is seen having his neck massaged with karate chops by Reggie Watts, the Seattle-based musician, actor and television personality who is known for his big Afro, and as the bandleader on the “Late Late Show”, mentioned he had to recite his lines many times because Watts kept making him laugh during taping.

Zellner, the Ambassador coordinator, said, “I had a great experience working with Serinda Swan, a Canadian actress best known for her work on the USA network series “Graceland.” We met for the first time on camera and she just came up to me gave me a huge hug and then asked me about my experience at Community College.”

She also mentioned that they both like the band Mumford and Sons. “We had a nice bonding experience.” Zellner said.

Ortiz said, “I thought the video was great. I like the way the video was edited and the decision to partner up the stars with students. I feel that this video will catch the attention of many and keep them curious to learn more. The amount of questions I’ve been receiving from my family and friends tells me that they are interested in the video and have been asking me when I am going to be famous.”

Ted Mitchell, U.S. Under Secretary of Education of the Obama Administration, said, “We have long been fans of the Long Beach College Promise,” Mitchell was on hand during the Sept. 24 celebration at LBCC issuing an annual progress report for the Long Beach College Promise.