Crime Stats Infographic

By Tilynn King

Staff Writer

and Brandon Richardson

Managing Editor

Crime was present during the slow summer period even though only 430 classes were available, as opposed to the 2,626 being offered this fall.
During July and August 74 calls for service at the PCC and 340 were made at LAC. In every category, crime at the LAC is equal to or exceeds that of the PCC.LT. Julie Prior of the Long Beach Police Department said, “The leading problem that the school is up against today is property crimes”.
At the PCC, Four cases of petty theft were recorded, while at the LAC seven cases were recorded.
Both Campuses had one case of grand theft and three cases of hit and run accidents and other vehicle accidents.
Other common crimes on campus are bicycle theft and crosswalk violations. Prior suggested, if riders have an expensive bike, don’t bring it to school. The crosswalk at LAC across Carson Street is provided to keep students and drivers safe and disregarding the traffic laws can lead to citation and fine. Sandra Hernandez, a nursing student who has heard of cars being broken into on campus says, “I feel that cameras would be a great addition for security purposes.”
Three cases of motor-vehicle theft were noted, Lost or stolen property was reported twice at the LAC. Crimes that fall under other or miscellaneous total 19 at LAC, while the PCC only had 13.
However, collectively over both months and on both campuses, 982 parking citations were issued, making it the most frequently cited crime. Prior encourages all students, and employees to sign up for emergency notification system. Students may enter their cell phone number into their student self-service account, then they will receive alerts as text messages directly to their phones.
Staff may submit a cell phone number into Oracle under the mobile category in your “personal information”. The police urges anyone who receives an alert message to share it with people around them, especially college employees.
Campus police also have several safety tips for students, which include: “There is safety in numbers, beware of your surroundings, stay in well-lit areas, walk confidently and make eye contact with your peers when walking, Do not leave your personal items unattended at any time, and keep property out of sight inside vehicles. Use the ‘U-lock’ to secure your bicycle and do not leave valuable accessories on it. Police escorts are available on LAC and PAC, and if you see or hear something, say something.”
In case of an emergency, people should dial 911, however, for non-emergency assistance or for more information regarding crime and safety on campus, call (562) 435-6711, visit or visit campus police in Building EE at the PCC and building X at the LAC.