By Omar Reyes

Staff Writer

Buckets, bags, gloves were in student volunteers’ hands as they walked along the shoreline of Long Beach to help in the state coastal clean-up on Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015. The local clean-up occurred at Belmont Pier in Belmont Shore at the end of Termino Avenue and E. Olympic Plaza. The local clean-up for LBCC started at 9 a.m. and ended at noon.
“It’s like we come and we clean and we make the beach better. It just feels good and I don’t like seeing the trash,” said student Carolina Rodriguez, 18, a biology major.
The LBCC effort was headed by Teila Robertson, the coordinator of the Student Life Program at LAC and the Viking volunteer program. Robertson said “The clean-up was awesome. It was a great turnout. We had close to about 50 students there from different clubs.”
The coastal clean-up was established by a few organizations including El Dorado Nature Center.
Volunteers brought their own buckets or reusable bags and gloves for the event but also were given the items by the El Dorado Nature Center if they didn’t. The LBCC tent was set up so volunteers who wanted to check knew where to go. Volunteers were also treated with fresh water, fruits and pastries.
Volunteers searched the coastline to find various discarded objects and remove such as pieces of Styrofoam, bottles, plastic shards and other potential items harmful to the environment.
Omar Mandozia, 18, a business major, commented on the trash found at the beach, saying he found “a lot more cigarettes than I expected.”
Jacqueline Samson, 18, an environmental engineer major, also helped. “It’s really fulfilling and it’s like I’m helping my community and also helping myself. This is where we live and we should be doing this more often.”
The clean-up is the first of several volunteer opportunities for students to gain community service hours. Robertson said, “We want to make sure that students want to get the opportunity to put some of those hours that they give back to the community onto their transcripts so they could transfer.”
For more information regarding Student Life and volunteering opportunities, students may visit Student Life at PCC in EE102 and at LAC in E117 or call the PCC office at (562) 938-3088 and the LAC office at (562) 938-4795.