By Jesus Hernandez
Managing editor

Jacob Rosborough/Viking
John McMahom, a double major in music and English, gazes at many stars and the moon during a class field trip using high-powered equipment.

The stars were under review on Tuesday, Nov. 19 at Veterans Stadium.

The asronomy lab class hosted a star party where students and  residents were invited to attend and observe planets, stars and the universe.

Peter Macula, 27, a drawing and sculpting major, said, “It’s an interactive way to put our navigational knowledge into practice.”

The line for the Celestron telescope was more than 50 people long when star-gazers got to catch a glimpse of Jupiter.

“I came for the love of the satrs,” said Guillermo Echauarria, 27, a film and media studies major.

Mike MacCallum, astronomy professor, said, “It’s a beautiful topic, to study in the universe.”

Some of the sites included the Orion Nebula, the Bellatrix star, Beetle Juice, Andromeda galaxy and many of Jupiter’s moons.

The event was hosted by the astronomy students. The next star party will be Dec. 7 in the Planetarium at LAC.

MacCallum and many students also used the Star Map app on their phones. More information may be found at