By Omar Reyes/ Staff Writer

Photos by Joshua Miller

The V Building is the newest addition to the growing LAC at LBCC.

Students enter the building and headed into their new classrooms at Carson Street and Clark Avenue on Monday, August 24.

“The new building, it’s nice and modern,” said Joana Francisco, 20, an electrical engineering major. “The design is amazing. Classrooms are nice too.”

In addition to having a reprographics room, the building houses the math department, including offices for teachers and computer labs. The  building is now also home to the student success center for math, which was previously in the D Building.

Jacqueline Centellas, 21, a child development major and math center employee, said, “We have way more computers and it’s more comfortable and also it’s better for students because they have the parking structure, they have more parking. It’s more convenient.”

The culinary arts program now has been relocated to the building. The new rooms include a multi-use kitchen, a production kitchen, a skills kitchen, a baking kitchen and a pastry kitchen.

Along with the rooms, the building will be the future site of a fully functioning restaurant and café that will be open for the students and the public.

Regarding her thoughts on the building, Francisco said, “Overall it’s great. It makes me feel like I’m not in a Community College.”