By Will Ranos/ Co-editor in chief

People will always find things to complain about. It’s just a part of human nature. At LBCC, I’ve specifically heard people complain about how far away they have to park and even heard that used as an excuse for being late to a class. I’m generally a fast walker, but it takes me 10 minutes to walk from the back of the Stadium parking lot to class.

To me that doesn’t seem like much, yet I’ve heard people complain about that walk many times. Walking always feel way overdramatized to me. My general mode of transportation is walking. I tell people I walk to work just about every day, which is about a 20-minute walk, and I get responses like “you poor thing.” Walking should not be seen as the horrible burden that people only participate in when they have no other options.

Walking can be seen as advantageous for many reasons. It is the most cost effective form of transportation available. For as long as I possibly can, I am going to use walking, riding a bike and the bus as my transportation. We have seen how much gas costs and how much insurance and buying a car is. Maybe even more important than that, walking is a healthier option. It’s less than ideal when it is hot out and it is understandable to avoid the heat whenever possible, but walking is still not something to complain about.

Please stop complaining about walking, it’s not a big deal.