By Irina Nizovtseva/ Staff Writer

Photo By Breya Smith

Students have found ways to avoid the $49 parking citation or having their car towed away by acquiring a parking permit from the cashier’s office for $30.

With the parking permit, drivers are eligible to park in campus parking lots or in the parking structure and the Veterans Stadium lot at the LAC

Aaron Jollensten, 22, a computer science major, said, “I have a friend or a parent drop me off at school. If I were to drive here myself, I would have to arrive to school too early to find a parking spot and make it to class on time.”

If drivers don’t see the need to purchase a semester-long parking pass, they can purchase daily parking permits for $2. At PCC, the machines are in lots 1, 2 and 5 and at LAC in lots E, F, G, M, O, P and on every floor of the parking structure and 30-minute visitor parking zones are along the north curb of Carson Street for LAC.

Bryan Mendez, 21, a film major, said, “I have to arrive to school at least 30 minutes before class starts to look for parking at the parking structure. Usually there are long lines to get out of the structure. If I can’t find parking, my last resort is the parking lot behind the Veterans Stadium, which is kind of a long walk, but it’s worth it to avoid a citation.”

Officer Gary Gatori of the Long Beach Police Department said, “The biggest violation is stopping in no-stopping zones. We are here to prevent that.”

More information is available by visiting or calling parking services at (562) 938-4534.