By Quiaira Terrell/ Staff Writer

The counseling department is open 40 hours a week on both campuses and can help students to graduate on time.

Whether a student wants to get a certificate, a degree, or plans to transfer, counselors are available to provide students with information necessary to make the most of their time at LBCC. Even just one meeting can prevent a student from taking classes they don’t need and understand the process of pursuing a major.

While these services are provided for free, some students experience difficulty meeting with a counselor.

“You have to try and go early in the morning. You have to be quick because they fill up too fast.” said Andrea McTaw, a first semester student on the LAC. “If the appointments are filled for the next two weeks, I don’t even make an appointment. I don’t even see the point.”

In the past two years, the counseling department has hired six new counselors to handle student demand. And although it seems students like McTaw still experience long waits to meet with counselors, there are some measures students can take to be seen sooner.

“Students think they are restricted to only meeting with counselors on the campus where they take classes.” said Dianne Ogimachi, a counselor and instructor on the PCC. “A student attending the LAC can make a counseling appointment on the PCC. The PCC tends to have more appointments available and, sometimes, counselors (on the PCC) can see students the same week the appointment is made.”

Ogimachi also points out that vising with a counselor can help students graduate on time.

The counseling office is located on the PCC in MD129  and on the LAC in A1111. Offices on both campuses are open Monday through Friday, 8am-6pm.