By Hunter King/CityStyle Editor

June marks the end of a career with LBCC for nine full-time professors and staff members.
Teresa Gaudiot, English as a second language professor, served 26 years from 1976-2015.
Linda Huy, dietetic professor, served 34 years from 1981-2015.
David Lipton, English professor, served 29 years from 1981-2015.
Marianne Allen, Financial Aid counselor, served 18 years from 1997-2015.
Donna Fletcher, reading professor, served 10 years from 2005-2015.
Stanley J. Rivers, skilled maintenance worker, served 15 years from 2000-2015.
Brent Sears, architecture professor, served 35 years from 1980-2015.
Grant Boyer, criminal justice professor, served 31 years from 1977-2015.
Sheree King, dance professor, served 30 years from 1984-2015.