Story and Art by Jon Peacock/Staff Writer

In an age filled with Google Glasses and Apple Watches, people literally cannot keep their eyes off their screens, but is an end in sight … no, it isn’t.
Young adults, myself included, have become completely obsessed with technology. Don’t get me wrong, technology is great for finding a place to eat or needing to navigate a city you’ve never been in. But has it gone too far.
Facebook is bombarded with intimate details about people’s lives, too personal? I don’t necessarily need to know what you think of “Grey’s Anatomy” or your opinion on each of the character’s sex lives. Sure, seeing an old friend’s puppy is cute every once in a while, but having four full albums of your Sunday brunch with your dog might be a little over-kill.
We need to draw a line to keep people who have mastered the overkilled Facebook statuses. Everyone constantly glued to their phones, yearning to see what everyone is up to. Needing to be informed about everyone’s life was once a luxury, but now has become a necessity.
Nowadays people can now connect with anyone in the world simply with a press of their thumbs. Some have more interaction over the Internet than they do in real life. Is this the future, is this where we are headed, into an age where face-to-face connectivity is considered old-school?
It has gotten to a dangerous tipping point where people would rather not leave their couches all weekend and binge-watch Netflix while ordering Domino’s, USING THE APP! Sure I love binge-watching Netflix as much as the next guy, but I don’t let it affect my daily life.
Almost every day someone nearly walk into me simply because their eyes were glued to their phone screen. So now it has become my mission to find a way to get eyes in the back of my head so that this doesn’t keep happening. At a highly used crosswalk near LBCC’s Veterans Stadium, I struggle to cross every single day due to people not paying attention to where they’re walking or who is about to hit them with a car.
Raised by a generation who were all about being proud and keeping their heads held high, can we find a way to get back to that mindset or will our heads continue to be tipped over with our eyes fixed on glowing screens.