Photo courtesy of Diana Al-Shammari, 19, enjoys tandem skydiving over Lake Elsinore during Spring Break.
Photo courtesy of
Diana Al-Shammari, 19, enjoys tandem skydiving over Lake Elsinore during Spring Break.

By Jonathan Asaad/Contributing Writer

Springing out of an airplane is how one LBCC student decided to spend a portion of her Spring Break despite her parents’ disapproval.
Diana Al-Shammari, 19, had some convincing to do on her parents before going skydiving at Skydive Elsinore in Lake Elsinore, which is about a 2 ½-hour drive from Long Beach.
Al-Shammari said, “At first, my parents were concerned, but then I assured them that it was safe by showing them an article about tandem skydiving and how safe it is,” which gained their consent.
Her friend, Jizelle Boctor, who described Al-Shammari as “a silent girl with a deadly willpower,” said she wasn’t surprised that Al-Shammari was able to get her parents’ approval.
When Diana Al-Shammari’s sibling Suzan Al-Shammari was asked if she supported her sister’s skydiving decision, she didn’t hesitate to say, “No I didn’t. I thought everything would go wrong and I didn’t trust it. It’s not something normal and I thought she’d die, 100 percent. On top of that, it’s something that could be avoided. It’s not a good way to die.”
Boctor disagreed with Suzan Al-Shammari’s sentiments.
“Skydiving is common,” she said, “As long as you take it seriously, you won’t die.”
In fact, Boctor was more supportive of Al-Shammari’s skydiving aspirations than her sister was. “Skydiving isn’t for those who at first don’t succeed, but Diana is a smart girl. I’m glad she had the courage to do something she’d always dreamed of doing,” Boctor said.
For many of Al-Shammari’s friends, the idea of skydiving is merely for the brave. When talking about if the trip to the skydiving facility was nerve-wracking, Al-Shammari said, “I was hardly frightened,” although she knew that the plane that was going to be 13,000 feet in the air before she jumped out. “I was more excited than nervous,” Al-Shammari said.
“The feeling of weightlessness and freedom is indescribable. You have to experience it to find out.”
The cost of tandem skydiving is $189 and videos and pictures are an additional $90.
Although the workers at Skydive Elsinore are reportedly cordial and make their clients feel secure, Al-shammari said Lake Elsinore does not provide the best skydiving view in Southern California.
“I’d always wanted to experience it and what better time to skydive than Spring Break?” Al-Shammari said. She would definitely skydive again soon, however, Al-Shammari said she probably wouldn’t choose to take her next leap of faith in Lake Elsinore.