By Irina Nizovtseva/Staff Writer

For Ashley Puente, 21, a physics major, traveling to Germany has always been a dream.
She said, “I want to visit as many cities as possible when I go to Germany for three weeks, from June 16 to Aug 19.” She said having the opportunity to do so with 15 other students from LBCC is a dream come true, thanks to the Roland Hoppe Foundation, which grants generous scholarships for students to travel during the Summer in Germany.
Ellen Villalovos, 20, a physics major, said, “I mainly want to explore Berlin from June 27 to the beginning of July and maybe visit the countryside for a few days. I know I will buy as many souvenirs as I can carry.”
Ingrid Wollank, a full-time German and Spanish professor at LBCC for 20 years, encourages students to travel abroad. “It is a great opportunity for students to go and experience different culture and see the beautiful cities of Germany. Also, they will be able to learn the language a lot more efficiently since all students are required to travel separately, so they avoid talking English.”
With a stipend of 300 euros, or $340, per week, the students will have to do research to find a place to stay. “There are very affordable places to stay for students, the youth hostels are cheap and convenient, almost like a bed-and-breakfast,” Wollank added.
Both Puente and Villaloros said, “I want to eventually go back, if I have enough funds, maybe even possibly work there.”
For three years now, the Roland Hoppe Foundation has aided students in traveling to Germany and seeing the country and all the opportunities it offers. Woolank said, “Each year we have had more and more students wanting to go abroad to visit Germany.
“It is a gift from heaven that these students have this opportunity, knowing many would not have the opportunity to travel if it weren’t for the scholarship.”
Students who wish to learn more about study-abroad programs or scholarship opportunities to travel to Germany  may contact the scholarship office at (562) 938-4766 or Wollank at