By Darel James/Staff Writer

More than 800 students at the PCC and LAC have completed a short satisfaction survey provided by the Student Services Department and others may do so by 5 p.m. Friday, May 15, at http:/
The survey is being used to find areas where student support services is strongly needed and ways to improve student assistance. The survey also is being used to help observe what students encounter during their visits to the many offices.
EOPS interim assistant director Anthony Hayes said on Thursday, April 30, “We want to find out what students experience in student services and where we must direct our focus to make their visits to our departments beneficial.”
Fliers for the survey have been posted around both campuses to better promote the questionnaire and for students to have their voice heard in various matters around student satisfaction.
Employees from the student services departments also have visited each campus to spread the message, handing out fliers and setting up information tents to explain the project.
Criminal justice major Brian Martinez, 20, said, “I believe Financial Aid is sometimes a problem for most people. Sometimes students don’t have the patience to fill out the forms and just give up.” The questionnaire contains 17 questions and touches on topics such as Financial Aid, admissions and counseling.
Participating students will also have the chance to win prizes ranging from gift cards to a Nook reader.