By Marcy Lopez

Staff Writer

Construction of a new building will begin soon, this will be the new home of the Culinary Arts and Math departments.

The new building will be taking some of the J parking lot space, south of Carson Street. Construction is planned to begin this fall and is scheduled to be completed in 2015. Funded through the bond management, the projected costs $32,400,000.

Chef Pierre Jues, a culinary teacher, has been involved with the decision-making of the project. He said, “The building will have state-of-the-art kitchens, demonstration restaurants, outside seating and a window-front pastry cafe.”

A production kitchen will be used for the advanced students while beginners will be using a skills kitchen. There will be a multipurpose training kitchen that may also be used as a chocolate laboratory. Jues said that the extra space can increase more students enrolling in culinary classes.

He said, “We really need it. We were supposed to get something at the PCC,” but despite there being a plan to have a culinary learning space on Palos Verdes Avenue, the project failed to happen. Jues has been looking forward to this for 10 years. There have been several attempts to get a proper culinary teaching space Jues said.

According to the bond management website the new building will be 47,500 square feet and it may take up some of the J parking lot space. LBCC student Reina Villa, 21, a child development major, said, “It’s hard enough now to find parking.”

Despite numerous attempts to contact Paul Creason, the dean of the math department, he has failed to give a response.