By Arieel Alcaraz

City Style Editor


Welding students at the PCC asked the students of LBCC to sign a petition to allow school facilities to approve a bike rack to be display in front of the Welding building on Wednesday, Feb. 20.

Kevin Powers, associate professor and welding technology, said, “A lot of welding students ride their bikes to school. For some, it’s their only form of transportation.”

The bike rack was designed after seeing that many bikers would have to use handicap parking signs to lock their bikes.

During the process of fabrication, students gained hands-on experience. They learned how to use multiple tools. Students used technology to make the template for the school logo. They also learned how to cut and fit pipe. The bike rack is fully welded pipe with half an inch steel logos on the ends and provisions to anchor it into the concrete. Students at the PCC built one of their hand-crafted bike racks in three days.

The students wanted to create something unique for the school.  Welders wanted to leave their “mark” behind for the next student generations to see what was once there before.

Students had a good outcome when creating the project, including having responsibilities, tasks and taking direction, Powers said. “Until our bike project, I didn’t quite understand how to provide someone with the proper attitude.”

Powers saw attitudes and character changes in the participating students. Students would take leadership. “I am extremely proud of the way my students have demonstrated the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to be productive, proud and responsible members of the workforce and community.”

His legacy is for students to further pursue their educational goals, to receive a welding certification after getting the necessary skills to get a job that pays well to provide for their family.