By Jacob Rosborough/Contributing Editor

The DAAP, Development of Afro American Professionals, has hosted a mixer for employees and students to promote transfer information and programs at LBCC that will help to further their education.
Bresheena Beaseel, 23, president of the club, said, “The purpose of this mixer is to build networking skills and allow students to know what their resources are. And put them in the same room so we can break the ice for students who don’t know the options that are open to them.”
Representatives of many of the programs offered at LBCC attended including the counseling office and cultural affairs.
Alberto Morano 23, ASB president of cultural affairs, said, “It’s a fantastic event to promote networking to those students at LBCC with the help of the DAAP program and showcase many of opportunities available to them.”
According to, “18 percent of the students attending LBCC are African American, are returning to school or attending for the first time.
Debra Perterson, peer consular at the LAC, said, “It’s amazing what the students of the program have put in place today and the achievements they have accomplish and how there are helping returning or new student find their own way. I am so proud.”
Some employees attended the event and spoke about the many benefits of higher education and the need for an event of this type, not only for African Americans, but for all students at LBCC.
History professor Melvin Ross said, “I fell they are right on the money with their goal to facilitate higher gradation and transfer rates, not only for African Americans, but all students attending LBCC.”
The event lasted from 3-4:30 p.m. with light refreshments and meet-and-greets with the representatives before, during and after. Some of the programs represented were the T.R.I.O. program, Cal State Long Beach and the veterans office.
Ashely Dillard, 19, a political science major, said, “We are able to engage with the all programs attending this event. It was very beneficial to me as a new student and see the many opportunities here at LBCC I did not know about.”
The event was Wednesday, March 18, in the E Building’s  Nordic Lounge.