Story and Photos by Darel James / Staff Writer

The LAC College Auditorium filled with excited guests as performers for the 2015 Spring Sing entertained them Friday evening, May 22.

The first-place men’s social-service club award went to Tong, while first place women’s social-service club award was given to the Athena. Vocalist Ithram (Vaai Sosi) was awarded the judges’ choice for best independent performance, with best solo vocals going to Chando Kem, group vocals to Nate’s Finest Barbershop Quartet and best instrumental to Solar Ubey.

Spring sing coordinator Teila Robertson said, “Since we have been back to the Auditorium, our goal was to continue the LBCC tradition of giving students a chance to perform and show their talents.”

In previous years the talent showcase was held in the gymnasium but this year participants and guests gathered in the auditorium allowing them all to enjoy the night in a cozy theater setting.

“The biggest difference is our location.  The past two years we have been performing in the Gymnasium, where we would do our own stage set-up.  But here in the Auditorium, we have Steven Staton’s crew that took care of the sound, lighting and stage management.  Our students enjoyed performing here in our Auditorium,” said Robertson.

The show has continued to evolve each year, allowing anyone who’s willing to answer the curtain call and maintain the spotlight. Dancers, singers and other talents ranging from various ages and ethnicities took center stage with hopes of receiving more than just an encore. Participants also were competing for various rewards giving competitors additional recognition that they could take home.

Ubey, an undeclared major, 17, said, “I just appreciate the opportunity to get my work out and for people to hear my music. I always enjoy the feeling of creativity I get when I really get down and focus on my music.” Ubey has practiced guitar for five years and has now begun to perform his work, which is going on two years.

Economics major and Tong men’s social service club member Jerry Zepoda, 20, said, “I’m here to have fun, but at the same time show that our club is full of hard-working individuals, we are also looking forward to putting out a good performance tonight.”

As curtains came to a close, the many anxious participants who worked hard through strenuous practices and rehearsals were recognized not just as contestants, but successful winners in the show. Ithram (Vaai Sosi), an undeclared major, 25, said, “I didn’t really expect to get an award. Singing has always been a way of life for me, it has always allowed me to fully express myself and let go of all stress.”

Nursing aide major and Tong member Kevin Mehardhy, said, “It’s kind of surreal to finally actually get it after all the yelling and repetition in rehearsal. I’m happy to see everything paid off and we didn’t have a repeat of last year.”

The men’s social club was previously defeated by their rival club Thor during their last visit to the showcase in 2014. This year, the club returned to secure the win after beginning their practice for showcase back in early March.