Yesenia Reyes and Barry Saks

Viking Staff and Contributing Writer

About 40 students and community supporters protested the discontinuance of 11 programs, while President Oakley and the LBCC Trustees hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for two newly constructed buildings at the PCC.

With black tape over their mouths, protesters carried black and white signs with an electric chainsaw held by Oakley signifying the cutting of the programs.  The words on the poster read, “Joakely.”

One protester, David Root, 47, who is in the automotive program that was discontinued, said, “I think it is a travesty.  I kept my side of the bargain.  I’m a 4.0 (GPA) student.  LBCC did not keep its side of the bargain.”

Another student protester in the automotive program said he was taking 23 units this semester, so he could finish the program by the Summer.

The new LBCC multi-disciplinary building makes its debut this Spring semester at the PCC. Measure E funding the new 111,866 square-foot-building that cost $22.2 million.

The building, which has been under construction since Summer 2009, was scheduled to open Fall 2012, but was pushed back to Spring. Students at the PCC were happy to finally be able to access the new building.

Antonio Partida, 20, a business major, said, “I would say the new building at the PCC is great. They are comfortable, have a lot of space. They did a great job.”

The new construction consists of the EE, DD, AA and BB Buildings. Renovation of phase one is complete. The EE and DD buildings are now fully renovated and include 26 classrooms, new and expanded lab rooms, lecture facilities, a Student Union center and a Campus Store.

Andy Medina, 20, a biology major, said, “I think the new PCC building looks spectacular and the LAC is going to have some serious competition with its aesthetics now.”  The building also comes with “smart classrooms,” equipped with the latest computer technology on every desk.

Phase two of the multidisciplinary buildings will commence as soon as possible. Phase two consists of upgrading the AA and BB buildings. A new PCC Student Services Center is estimated to have construction begin December.