Story by Jon Peacock / Staff Writer

Photos by Darel James and Jon Peacock / Staff Photographers

Not the clouds nor the rain could stop LBCC employees from having fun while playing silly yet competitive games at the LAC Hall of Champions on Friday May 8.

“We have various event that all employees can participate in. … It is a nice way to build team experience, to build relationships with the other employees,” benefits technician Evelyn Reed said.

With over 200 employees participated in 10 events during the 2nd annual LBCC Olympics. President Eloy Oakley said, “We’ve had other events before. … But this is the first time where we’ve had a college-wide competition.”

Participants varied from the custodial staff to the college president competed in different events and enjoyed a great time. From cup tower building to miniature golf each game, was as childishly clever as the next.

Oakley said the idea behind the event was to “get people together, have some fun, celebrate the year and let loose a little bit.”

A majority of the teams competing were made up of specific departments around the campuses. The Athletic Supporters sported LBCC Viking jerseys. Some of the notable teammates included head football coach Brett Peabody, sports information specialist Chris Ruiz, head athletic trainer Mary Aja, first-year tennis coach Renzo Maggi, athletic specialist Kristy Lutz, and athletic coordinator Mary Hegarty.

Even the journalism program made an appearance led by Patrick McKean, under the team name The Write Stuff.

Other notable teams included BSS (Business Support Services), the Head Hunters from the Human Resources Department, Sassy Student Relations from the Outreach and Student Relations and Math Success Center from health, kinesiology, science and math.

After numerous events, Dwayne Ellis, a custodian, from the team Cheryl Made Us Do This, sounded optimistic, saying, “Hopefully we win this.”

The Tower of Power was by far the most popular and serious event. Fifteen teams, each equipped with over 100 plastic red solo cups, attempted to construct the tallest plastic tower they could build in under 10 minutes; without the help from ladders or chairs.

Each design was significantly different than the next, including everything from edited versions of the classic pyramid to multiple towers leaning against one another for support.

The top three teams to participate in a relay race were the athletic supporters, health, kinesiology, science and math and facilities. Even Oakley took to the floor and participated in the final Viking relay race. He started things off for his team bouncing on a Hippity Hop, even joking about making sure none of the bouncy balls were deflated. In the race, the athletic supporters came in first, followed by health, kinesiology, science and math and then facilities.