Story By Hunter King / CityStyle Editor

Photos By Cindy Macias / Staff Photographer

Dances whirled back and forth across the stage in ecstatic anxiousness as they warmed up an hour before the start of the Spring Dance Ensemble in Concert in LAC’s Auditorium on Friday April 24.

The ensemble ran for a total of three days from April 24–26 featuring a variety of dances including contemporary Chinese, modern and jazz.

Choreographer and teacher Lauren Hall thanked the dancers for their kindness, respect and passion before the ensemble began and said, “the show is now in your hands.”

The doors opened at 8 p.m. and the auditorium was moderately filled.

The ensemble opened with “Heartstring,” a contemporary Chinese dance in which dances performed with red strings representing the connection to the heart.

“Can’t Buy Me Love” was choreographed by Jeff Hendrix and played music by Michael Buble.

“It takes two” was well received by the audience, featuring a total of 19 dancers and music including The Fresh Prince, Janet Jackson and DJ EZ Rock. “Shackled and Forgotten” featured music by Delta Rae.

“Siri Says” made the audience laugh as Siri’s voice commanded the dancers to perform a variety of different dances.

After the intermission, a video by Arlene Brackett and Dorian Warmsley paid tribute to Sheree King, who is retiring from the college and dance program after 30 years of service.

The dancing picked up again with “Evolve,” where lizard-like creatures collaborated with dancers mimicking flies.

“Suspicion” was a suspenseful piece that ended more like a WWE smack-down where all but one dancer were knocked to the ground in a rhythmic battle with chairs.

Dancers in full camouflaged fatigues perform in “Onomatopoeia” honoring women in the military.

The night finished with “Table for Two,” telling a love story over a lifetime, leaving the audience warmhearted.

After the performance, dance major Brandy Factory, 20, said, “I enjoy performing for LBCC very much. It’s given me a chance to grow both academically and physically, and has pushed me to work harder as both a performer and in my dance technique classes.”

The audience was overall pleased with the wide variety of dance styles and music.

The Fall Dance Ensemble is scheduled Nov. 20–22.