By Viking Editorial Staff

Of course no one cares more about programs being cut than teachers.

It’s their livelihood, their passion. Teachers don’t want students to miss out on their specific fields of study, no matter how small the program is.

According to an email from President Eloy Oakley on Tuesday Feb. 11 from Washington D.C., the Board of Trustees proposed a 4 percent pay cut to full-time teachers to help close the budget deficit in 2012.

When presented with the choice in a Board of Trustees meeting on Jan. 23, it would make complete sense that the teachers union would have agreed to vote yes.

Although the teachers union voted no and the decision seems harsh, it is not that simple.

Since last semester, members of the union have known that certain programs have been threatened to be cut they have probably been thinking of numerous possible solutions to avoid the inevitable problem.

Clearly these teachers were pushed into this yes or no decision and by voting no, it automatically makes them seem like the bad guys. Perhaps the Board of Trustees should take it upon themselves to help with the budget deficit. Also, plenty of positions at this school could stand to take a pay-cut, other than the teachers.

People working for the school have the option to help with the budget deficit, but it shouldn’t be imposed on anyone.

The teachers are the foundation of the quality of education at LBCC. Their talents and dedication should not be threatened by lower pay.