By Lila Orshefsky
Copy Editor

Nothing bonds two lover’s like science and Star Wars.

Mainstream movies and fancy restaurants aren’t the only ways for couples to have fun, especially if you fall into the wonderful category of nerds! Wow her with your passion for biology by tying hand-made cards to the stems of her Valentine’s Day bouquet, with the taxonomical name of each flower, and a few flower fun facts.
Explain the science of sunsets to your special someone while watching one at a romantic spot. The Griffith Observatory, the Getty Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the L.A. County Arboretum and Botanic Garden are all great date destinations for nerd couples.
See what dance moves you can accomplish together while blasting the Pokémon theme song, Star Trek music, The Lord of the Rings’ score, or whatever geek-tacular tunes you’re both into.
Have a cuddly movie or TV marathon with animated movies, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, classic horror movies, you name it. And don’t forget snacks. May I suggest roasting marshmallows over candles and dribbling chocolate sauce all over some popcorn? And candy, of course. Lots of candy.