Story By Tyisha Ali / Staff Writer

Photos by Cindy Macias / Staff Photographer

The Metal F.A.B. club and two individual students won the judges’ Chili Cook-Off, PNK and Tong captured the people’s choice award, and the Horticulture Club gained best booth honors Tuesday, April 14 in the LAC Central Quad.

The traditional judges’ choice chili winner was the team of Larae Perkins and Majeedah Wesley, two first-time Cook-Off entry students.

In honor of the 41st Toyota Grand Prix, LBCC is presenting the 40th annual Mini Grand Prix and Chili Cook-Off.

On the newly opened Quad, 12 LBCC clubs battled bowl-to-bowl to see who could make the best chili. The chili contest was judged in two different categories, people’s choice and judges’ choice from four judges, who are LBCC employees.

PNK was voted the people’s choice for a non-traditional chili and Tong took the people’s choice award for traditional chili. The challenge was judged by the students and employees who bought the $1 fundraiser wristbands. The funds from the wristbands go toward scholarships and charities.

Myles Neal, 19, a computer science major, said, “I like booth 12 (Tong). Their chili had a spicy kick to it and it was a different chili I have never tasted before.”

Josefina Cruz, 21, a psychology major, said, “I’ve tasted all of the chilis here and they are all good. My favorites are booth 12 (Tong) and three (Alpha Gamma Sigma- Kappa chapter). Booth three has a lot of vegetables.”

The judges’ choice Chili Cook-Off category was rated by Athletic Director Joe Cascio, Dean of Health and Science Paul Creason, Student Life coordinator Teila Robertson and Fiscal Services and payroll bursar Stacey Robinson.

The Chili Cook-Off entries were judged on the aroma, consistency, color, taste and the bite. Each of the categories were judged with a maximum of 10 points.

Dijon Jackson, 23, a sociology major, said, “I choose booth nine (Akna) because I like the texture and the taste and I liked the pineapples.”

Paul Brown, 23, an aviation major, said, “They all were really good, but I would say booth two (the individual Student Life students) was a little too over-seasoned, but they also had gumbo, which was real good.”

Larae Perkins, 33, a business administration major, said, “I am excited and ecstatic that we won. I never participate in anything school-like so I am happy.”

Majeedah Wesley, 19, a business economics major, said, “It was fun. We just wanted to bring something different to the table so we offered gumbo too. I see us doing this again next year.”

Katie Fajardo, 38, a welding major and member of the Metal F.A.B. club, said, “We joined the Chili Cook-Off because we wanted to give someone a kick. It isn’t about winning. We honestly wanted to bring a variety, so we have six different peppers in our chili.”

The Horticulture Club won best booth honors based on its interpretation of the club theme and how the booth was set up.

Sean Kite, 26, a horticulture major, said, “It’s an honor to win. We grew all the vegetables and flowers on our booth and we wanted to show what we do and a little about our club.”