Photo by Darel James/Viking – Construction workers from G.A. Technical Services, who would not identify themselves, conducted a week-long project over Spring Break from April 6-11 dismantling trailers. The renovation will make 109 parking spots available to students at the PCC once completed.

By Darel James / Staff Writer

Students and employees at the PCC can look forward to an additional 109 parking spaces due to construction renovations over the Spring Break and continuing throughout the semester.

Contractors from G.A. Technical Services conducted a project from April 6-11 that involved removing the trailers stationed at the PCC. The trailers, which contained classrooms and offices, were used to maintain administrative work and student academics while multi-disciplinary and administration buildings AA and BB were being completed.

Toshiaki Matsura, 51, a computer science major, said, “A few years ago I always found it difficult to grab a spot, hopefully this helps with the traffic most drivers run into.”

Bond Management Director Terrence DeGray said, “The previous trailers served only as temporary use. Most students are now using the new available rooms in the MDA building to continue their semester classes.”

DeGray said the previous bungalows are referred to as “swing space,” where students and employees temporarily use areas while construction or modifications are conducted in their regular place. With the use of swing space, activities in the classrooms and offices can continue along with construction.

Students should expect a different view of the PCC parking lots as the transitions continue throughout the Spring semester.

Additional parking spaces are expected to be added once the project is fully complete, which is said to be around early May, DeGray said.

He said, “The trailers should be gone by Sunday, (April 12) but we’ll still have to take care of the pieces left over like electrical feeding and dry wells. Once that’s done, the fence should come down around the first week of May.”

Work will continue as the once-populated PCC bungalow territory is dismantled and recycled. Leftover furnishings and other miscellaneous items used during their time will be redistributed throughout the campus until the project is fully complete. The new renovation should help ease parking congestion.