By Gabriela Mendoza
Staff Writer

A dog was nearly shot in an officer-involved shooting on the LAC at the start of the Spring semester, LBCC campus police reported.
The shooting occurred at Vet Stadium Wednesday, Jan. 30 around 4:30 p.m.
Officers from the Long Beach Police Department were sent to check on the closed-to-the-public stadium when someone reported an open gate according to Lieutenant Julie Prior.
The unidentified officer discovered an unleashed dog and its owner in Vet Stadium.
The officer shot at the mixed-breed dog in self-defense when it ran toward him.
The dog was unharmed by the shots and ran out of the stadium.
No injuries occurred to the animal or the officer.
Animal Care Services followed the dog back to its home and spoke with the owner.
With recent shootings across the U.S. taking place on school grounds, Crystal Hicks-Webbe, 19, an undecided major, said she feels weary about the incident.
“I don’t think that guns should be used at school at all,” said Hicks-Webbe.
Otto Rivera, 18, a computer science major, said that he is okay with the use of firearms by officers on campus as long as students are not harmed.
LBPD’s Lt. Prior said a similar incident had only occurred once before. Prior said a more prominent issue students must be aware of on campus is property theft.
Prior said, “People ask me what the biggest issue is and it’s property crime. The saddest part is that it’s someone you’re in the classroom with.”