By Jason Gastrich and Ramon Lontok

Copy Editor and Staff Writer

LBCC will end its food distribution contract with Aramark on June 8 and will not renew it, in favor of using Barnes & Noble or another vendor’s services.

Katy Warwick, 21, cinematography major, has been attending LBCC and visiting the Food Court for three years.  “I really like the people who work there now. I hope they get to keep working in the Food Court. The food is pretty good for cafeteria food,” she said.

When talking about the possibility of Barnes & Noble taking over, she replied, “That would be cool. I go to their store on campus now. Some of their locations have a Starbucks inside, which would be really cool to have on campus.”

According to its website, Barnes & Noble incorporates Starbucks in more than 650 of its U.S. locations.

Supervisor Armando Madrigal has worked with the Aramark food provider at LBCC for the past 10 years.

He said, “Aramark wanted to continue our contract and acquire the contracts for the convenience store on the other side of campus and all the food services on the PCC campus, but we didn’t get it. They didn‘t want to renew our contract here, either.”

Madrigal said LBCC may want to strike a new deal with Barnes & Noble because they’re already serving the other side of the LAC.

The Viking Food Court offers many hot and cold meals, snacks and drinks. These include chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, Philly cheese steaks, angus cheeseburgers and chicken tenders.

They also sell mozzarella sticks, grilled cheese sandwiches, French and curly fries, cheese quesadillas, turkey burgers and two kinds of soup, like chicken noodle and turkey chili.

They also provide pizza, desserts and pre-made beef stroganoff or another similar dish, suspended under heat lamps, along with made-to-order salads and sandwiches. Provided by Sysco and stocked by Aramark, the Food Court provides packaged snacks, like candy and nuts and bottled drinks, like water, soda and fruit juice.

Undecided major Jena Eden, 19, has never eaten inside the Food Court, but she said she would if they served food she enjoyed. “I’d like to see them sell boba, sushi and frozen yogurt on campus. If they offered those things, I’d definitely buy them and a latte.”

It’s unclear if a new contract with another company like B&N will allow the sales or not. Aramark employees also operate the Java City drink stand inside the Food Court.

Sarah Fauria, 21, a sign language major, said, “Aramark’s move would negatively impact students who rely on cafeteria for food, especially those who don’t own a private means of transportation.” She added, “It would suck for students who don’t have cars means to go to a fast food place.”