By Irina Nizovtseva / Staff Writer

With not enough public schools with affordable university degrees, California joins the 21 other states where Community Colleges offer bachelor’s degree programs.

The bill authorized by Democratic State Sen. Marty Block and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown was chosen based on the labor market and geographic diversity, offering students more education and less student loans.

President Eloy Oakley  said LBCC will not participate in the innovative pilot program due to several reasons.

LBCC is surrounded by public and private universities offering bachelor’s programs, ensuring transfers as well as opportunities to dual enroll at both LBCC, CSUs and U.C.s.

Associate Director of Public Relations and Marketing Stacey Toda said,  “At this time, there is no plan to offer the four-year degree to other Community Colleges beyond the pilot when it sunsets in 2022.”

LBCC will remain true to its original goal, to prepare students for transfer to a university.

Nicole Robitaille, 29, an English major, said, “I am about to finish my studies, so it does not affect me. However, my sister on the other hand just got into college and this program would definitely benefit her.”