Kelly Mahaffey / Staff Writer

Students are curious about the possible kiosk choices during the ongoing construction in the new Central Quad on LAC.

“Low-key, I’m kind of anxious to see what’s going in there. Every morning I expect to be surprised with something cool like a mini-Starbucks or Bonsai Bowl,” said James Eldridge, 19 an undeclared major.

“I get to school on Monday and I’m like WTF? I thought they were done?” Eldridge said.

Olivia Nogales, 18, an economics major, said she also was surprised. “Now what are they doing to it? Tearing it down, making it bigger, what?”

A construction worker on the project told students the power outlets and wiring installed on the back, outside wall is definitely for vending machines but he didn’t wish to be quoted. Students within earshot began a discussion about what they want sold from the machines if they have a say.

Travis Swan, 19, a bio-physics major, said, “I’d like to see some vegan options.  Things like fruits, veggies, instant oatmeal, chai tea and non-dairy milk.”

Also in favor of healthy choices in vending machines are Jayden Scoval, 19, an undeclared major, and Taylor Warner, 20, an earth science major. They want to see vegan options, smoothies, yogurt and anything gluten-free.

Caffeinated items such as energy drinks, organic coffee and boba tea were popular suggestions.  Sailor Shannon, 19, a marine biology major said, “They should have a machine with those glass-bottled Starbucks frapps and espresso shots.”

Except for a few suggestions for a vape oil vending machine, the majority of students wanted healthy choices that were affordable and tasted good.

In a Dec. 12 article, healthy choice vending machines are outpacing traditional snack vending machines 4 to 1 and are the fastest growing franchise business the market today. Forbes reports college campuses nationwide are replacing existing machines and vendors with new, designer, healthy choice vending that sell fresh, organic, gluten-free, vegetarian meals and choices.

An ASB cabinet member was contacted to confirm management of the kiosk and if food will be dispensed. President Lokilani Hunt did not have enough information to share at this time but said to check back next semester.