By Sylvana Uribe / Staff Writer

In a 4-1 vote, President Eloy Oakley’s contract was extended an additional two years with a 21 percent compensation increase during the Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday, March 10.

Oakley’s contract was set to end in June 2017, but has been extended until February 2019. In the amended contract, Oakley’s pay  is $320,568, up from $264,348 in his original contract.

Area 3 Trustee Sunny Zia voted against the extension. She wanted to make it clear she supports Oakley, but disagreed with the timing and legality of the issue.

Zia said to Oakley, “I challenge you and the rest of us to not dismiss morale issues and tackle them head on. I look to you and your leadership in resolving that.”

After the voting, Oakley presented a report on construction projects. Zia said she was concerned with the report’s exclusion of original anticipated completion dates and determining if projects were within their original budget if adjustments kept being made to it.

Area 4 Trustee Doug Otto asked questions be made prior to meeting to narrow down on unclear aspects about agenda items in open session.

“I will ask those questions because I’m trying to do my job,” Zia said in response to Otto. “It really is an unfair characteristic of a Board member calling to not want to bring up questions and I ask for you to respect that. I may have disagreements, it’s just a matter of different perspective on policies.”

He asked an item be added in the upcoming meeting to look into how the Board is abiding by the rules and any misconduct.

Before the meeting adjourned, Karen Roberts, part-time teachers’ union president at LBCC, spoke about part-time employees being the lowest paid in the district.

“We’ve fallen behind in our pay. Since I have been doing this for a while, here’s what I think. I think that we just haven’t been able to think outside of the part-time faculty box,” Roberts said.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 24, at 5 p.m. in T1100.