By Arieel Alcaraz

City Style Editor

The Catholic Club organized a celebration of Ash Wednesday Mass on Feb. 13 at LAC  T1200.

Ash Wednesday Mass is the day that marks the beginning of 40 days of Lent in the Christian calendar. The participants of the Mass receive the sign of the cross on their foreheads with ashes.  The ashes indicate burning the blessed palms of Palms Sunday of the previous year.

Sister Sue, Catholic Club Campus minster, said, “The purpose of this Ash Wednesday Mass is for Catholics to remember that they are entering into a time of interior preparation for the celebration of Easter. Since Easter is the central of the Christian faith, it is also the celebration of the memory of Jesus Christ who died for the sake of the love of humanity, then resurrected to life and promising eternal life to all who believe in him.”

Sue said the process of Ash Wednesday Mass is just like regular Mass. Spiritual songs and readings from the Bible are included and a priest celebrates the Mass and shares the message of the Gospel with the audience. The Eucharist and ashes were distributed.

Sue said, “My expectation for this event is that we can provide the opportunity for Catholics and interested Protestants to celebrate the beginning of Lent within community of faith on the LBCC LAC.”

“Christians are in the season of Lent,” she said. Usually, “We are invited to either give up something or do something extra that will help us grow closer to God in our faith and be more aware of how much God loves humanity through God’s sacrifice of love and ultimately resurrection to eternal life.”