Every battle scar tells a story, sometimes it’s carefully hidden beneath pride or a smile.

Some students live in apathy and others tend to self-reflect in order to grow wiser. When the journey you’re on in life grows bittersweet and the courage to dream has become incomplete, remember a season of change is upon us and it’s more important on how you’re growing in the process than the destination.

Many students have lived a life with a feeling that something is going to happen. Even when we’re going through adversity, when we’re at our weakest and in our greatest moment of despair that’s when we find ourselves and the ability to rise up to keep striving and believing in ourselves.

But we can’t give up now because these trials we all are experiencing are setting us up for a new height of greatness and dignity.

Yes, we know it may be undeniably hard to continue on a path toward a dream when your mind and heart grow weak and troubled because we naively consume negativity from others. And that’s why some people never reach their highest potential because they never get away from the wrong people. Connect with those who understand your destiny, friends who appreciate your uniqueness. We need to surround ourselves with positive and like-minded people that can further us on our journey.

All students are infused with distinctive talents, gifts and a purpose with oozing genius qualities and potential to inspire others and become a leader in this world. Therefore, we must make room for new opportunities and beginnings in our lives by disciplining ourselves, being givers and not beggars.

Students must be able to recognize that this could be our best positions in life right now, but we’re not enjoying it because we’re focused on the burden. Achieving the level of continuous strength to keep moving forward because our past is no longer part of us.

The start button has been pushed, and where you are headed and what you are becoming is undeniably more beautiful, more magnificent and important than anything you could imagine. In case you’re not feeling it quite yet, don’t be distracted. Instead take another small step in the direction of your dreams.