By Caleb Ellis

Staff Writer

LBCC announced Brett Peabody as the 21’th head coach of the Vikings football program, bringing change and excitement with him.

Former Harbor college football player Brandon Lee explained why he made the move to LBCC with Peabody. “I followed Coach Peabody because he knows how to win”, Lee Said. “He’s going to bring some rings to this school.”

Another player to transfer from Harbor College, Ruiz Torres spoke of the differences in atmosphere between Harbor College and LBCC. “Already I can feel the support at this school”, Torres said. “Back at Harbor College it seemed like it was the football team versus everyone else at the school.”

What spurred change for the football team, was going 0-10 for the 2012 season. This was the first time in school history going without a win.

With a history of success, Peabody announced that he was going to bring the school back to its traditions.

Peabody said, “We’re not worried about last season. We’re about getting back to winning and moving forward”.

Around 110 players showed their readiness to move on, when showing up for spring training to meet their new coach. With Peabody, coaches Arnold Ale and Sean Flynn also stood. Both were assistant coaches at Harbor College, helping Peabody lead the team to three straight bowl games.

Former head coach Mike Reisbig will still be a part of Vikings football, staying on as the offensive line coach. The coaching position he held in 95′, the last year LBCC won a national championship.

Reisbig recalled the event. “Something not everyone gets to experience, and certainly something you don’t take for granted.”

Reisbig has experienced coaching against Peabody and gave his opinion of his ability to coach. “He (Peabody) has done nothing but win”, Reisbig said. “Getting to three straight bowl games with Harbor college says a lot. He’s a great recruiter, getting the most out of his players.”

While it is unorthodox for a former head coach to stay on staff after stepping down from the position, Peabody spoke nothing but confidence in having Reisbig as part of the coaching staff.

“I have no concerns with coach Reisbig staying on staff”, Peabody said. “He’s a good man and I’m very confident he’ll be a valuable member of the coaching staff.”

Peabody continued to talk about the importance of retaining players from this last season, and Reisbig’s role with that process.

“He’s (Reisbig) well known, and respected on campus”. Peabody said. “He’s been around for a long time, and I look forward to his continued involvement with the program.”

Peabody has set goals for the team, which reach far beyond just becoming competitive again as a program.

Peabody said, “At the very least, we’re shooting for a bowl game.”