By Cindy Macias / Staff Writer

Blog photographer Brandon Stanton, 31, set out to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers to share their lives with people worldwide in his photo blog Humans of New York.

The blog features portraits of strangers he approaches on the streets of New York and along with their portrait, a quote or a short story is included. It’s followers have grown to over 12 million.

Other cities and universities around the country created their own Humans of- page. Since LBCC educates over 25,000 students, all whom are wildly diverse, Ryan Shepard, 20, an urban and regional planning major, was inspired to launch his own rendition of Humans of New York on campus called Humans of LBCC.

Lily Leighanna Leon, 19, a human services major, said, “It could bring the students and, even, the teacher’s closer together and may even help some people make some friends.”

Nursing major Alyssa Talavera, 18, said, “It’s a great way to get the LB community together.”

Shepard’s purpose is to welcome, showcase and embrace all diversity present at LBCC. “I hope that it will encourage students to get engaged with the school and also break down stereo types and identify our own biases we may have about one another. I hope that the page will be a medium for students to learn about LBCC and its opportunities.”

Shepard also hopes that whoever likes the page and does not actually attend LBCC will see that it is a great learning institution that high school students should consider. Often, if not always, students ignore community college and head straight for Cal States and universities due to incorrect assumptions they have about community colleges.

Launched earlier this month, Humans of LBCC’s Facebook page has nearly 200 likes and has already featured 10 people as of Wednesday, March 25. The page aims to bring the diverse students of LBCC together for better understanding of one another’s similarities and differences. If people would like to have your story told, they may message the page directly to