By Sylvana Uribe / Staff Writer

From book sales to writing contests, the English Majors and Minors Club has worked to engage students and its next project, Saga 2015, will be an online anthology featuring student’s writing and artwork.

Patrick Shaffer, 22, an English major and president of the club said the idea of publishing an online anthology had been tossed around among previous club presidents as a way for club members to get their work published. However, opening the submissions to all students allows the club to find a wider variety of potentially publishable material.

Saga accepts three pieces of poetry per entry, each no longer than 50 lines. The maximum word count for fiction and nonfiction submissions is set at 7,500 words for a single work, or three manuscripts totaling 3,000 words collectively.

Student information, including contact details and when the piece was created, is to be included in an email as part of the submission’s cover letter, but not in the submitted material itself.

Shaffer said, “By cutting away the name of the author from the piece, we force the work to stand on its own. Since these works will be judged by their full merit and not by whatever name is attached to them, we hope to get the best of the best.”

Typically, anthologies consist of a collection of poems and written works, however, Shaffer said the club welcomes art submissions as a way of showcasing student talents that go beyond writing.

Students may submit photos or scanned copies of their original artwork, which includes paintings, illustrations, photographs, metalwork and ceramics.

Kimberly Perez, 23, a graphic design major, said, “I think the anthology is a great opportunity for artists and other people who are not art majors to view something as beautiful as an individual’s work. It’s not the written word, but it’s still a form of expression.”

The submission deadline for the anthology is Thursday, April 30. More details are available by contacting the English club or going online at